Plans For Gardendale

Community News

LINN Energy looks forward to continuing the positive work Berry began and shares in the commitment to developing its oil and gas resources in the Permian Basin responsibly.  LINN Energy is currently evaluating the overall development plan for the Gardendale area.

At the end of 2012, construction of an approximately $10 million central tank battery in Gardendale was completed. This facility reduces the amount of heavy truck traffic, noise, individual flares and odors from LINN Energy’s operations in the Gardendale community. To date, the majority of the pipeline to the central facility has been installed. This pipeline will serve as a gathering system to transport oil, produced water and natural gas from LINN Energy’s satellite batteries located throughout Gardendale to the gathering tanks located at the central battery.  Additionally, the pipeline will minimize truck traffic that otherwise would have been on the roads transporting materials to and from individual well sites.

As of December 2013, 63 wells had been drilled by LINN Energy or its predecessors, with 31 of those wells drilled in 2013. It is difficult to provide an accurate drilling schedule for 2014 as the exact number, location and timing of the wells changes frequently. However, surface owners upon whose properties a well will be located are notified in advance and given the opportunity to ask questions.

How many wells does LINN Energy plan to drill in Gardendale?

It is difficult to accurately predict the exact number of wells that we will drill in total, and per year, as both the total number of wells and the number of wells per year is dependent upon many factors, including rig availability and oil field costs, regulatory requirements, commodity markets and prices, drilling results and other production factors, general economic conditions and capital budgets.

Is LINN Energy staking well sites on 20-acre spacing?

Some Gardendale residents have received letters notifying them that Berry, now LINN Energy, was staking locations for approximately 60 wells on 20-acre spacing in the Gardendale area. LINN Energy is evaluating well data in order to determine the viability of 20-acre development.

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